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Free download ebook and owner manual in PDF. Read online and download for free. Armscor Bursaries 2018 Armscor bursaries support Government’s commitment to support and recognise military veterans for their contribution to bringing about the realisation of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Africa. Computer science and Ergonomics disciplines. Government’s commitment to support and recognise military veterans for their contribution to bringing about the realisation of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Africa.

Armscor actively participates in addressing the shortage of critical and scarce skills by promoting its career opportunities for young South Africans. Armscor’s bursary scheme and apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training are initiatives for developing critical and scarce skills and building capacity for South Africa’s defence industry. Qualifying young people attend theory training at various technical, vocational and education training colleges and are given on-the-job training at the Dockyard until they are ready to do their trade test as rigger, electrician, electrical fitter, or fitter and turner. This initiative aims to empower the beneficiaries with a range of skills for the workplace. A national vocational certificate would be an advantage.

Please clearly indicate choice of trade discipline and the applicable reference number in the subject heading. Your email address will not be published. Inventories of students’ learning styles can build self-esteem by helping kids discover their unique styles. Thank you for subscribing to the Educationworld. Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Use an online inventory to determine students’ learning strengths and intelligences. What are your students’ learning styles? Which of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences best applies to each of them? Published inventories are readily available to help teachers and students determine their learning strengths.

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Students can do the activity on their own by simply folding the inventory sheet in half and making a checkmark next to each of the 24 statements that describe them. Then, they unfold the paper and tally the results. Be sure students share the results with you! If you’re looking for a more in-depth MI inventory, this one provides ten statements that relate to each of nine intelligences. Students identify the statements that describe them as learners.

They then tally and graph the results on their own. You might also share with students some of what the inventory means. Scroll to “multiple intelligences animation” and click. 50 Classroom Supplies Gift Card! To recognize this special day, Education World offers original lesson plans that will engage students in creating maps of an astronaut’s view of Earth, exploring issues of junk mail and hazardous household waste, and learning about endangered species. Included: Student work sheet, 20 bonus Earth Day lessons, plus links to fun Earth Day resources for kids! What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

Those are just a few of the educational — and fun — ideas Education World offers this week. Read on to find five fabulous original lessons from the Ed World editors plus 20 bonus Earth Day lesson plans and a handful of Earth Day sites that are just plain fun! Searching for other Earth Day lessons and resources? Don’t miss Education World’s special Earth Day Archive. Click each of the five lesson plan headlines below for a complete teaching resource.

Approximate grade levels for each lesson are indicated in parentheses. Help students use photo images from space to create a large map of the United States or the world, find where they live, and label other places they know. Ask students to track the amount of junk mail received at home in one week. They can use collected data to estimate how much junk mail accumulates in a year and explore ways to solve the junk mail problem. Students identify sources of home hazardous waste and create posters to educate community members about how to handle that waste. A student-created ABC Book of Endangered Animals includes locator maps, “fast facts,” and explanations about why those animals are endangered. BONUS EARTH DAY LESSON PLANS!

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