Plastic Injection molding is simple with the right equipment. All that you need is a heater and some plastic. Recycled plastics will yield the plastic injection mould design pdf results if kept to their respective groupings.

Refer to the recycle symbols and do not mix types. ABS is my plastic of choice, I used an old HP inkjet printer as the raw materials for this example. I used a commercially available temperature control for this project but I have posted an accurate precision temperature controller in another Instructable. NOTE: I have added a section with an example of a crude press lever.

Hot plastics are NASTY and EVIL! USE gloves and a face shield at minimum. Materials required will be shown as used. Be sure to read through entirely before deciding if you should build. I recommend using this in an extremely well ventilated area like outside. The local big box retailer will yield most of the materials for this project.

The material chosen were driven by the type of heaters that I had available to me. The heaters will be discussed later. The main injector body is made up from a section of Black pipe. This will provide clearance for the later installed plunger which is discussed later. 4 inch pipe that started out at just over 20 inches long.

The plunger needs to be as snug to the inside of the pipe as possible without binding. 8 inch drive socket from Sears was ideal fit. Check the interior of your pipe with similar tools for a tight yet non-binding fit. A loose fit will allow for plastic to slide past the head and back towards the shaft which will result in waste which is not desirable. 8 inch socket extension attached to the 15mm Craftsman socket. The socket is placed the wrong way onto the extension and permanently fastened.

This can either be drilled and pinned or welded. I chose to weld since it was quickest and I had the materials available to me. The socket must be permanently fixed to provide satisfactory results. Cut and shape the pipe as shown according to the length of heater and the main plunger assembly. The idea here is to create a loading port for the plastic that is to be melted and a guide for the plunger assembly.

The port needs to be free of any sharp edges and loose metal, after cutting it is finished with a file or burr remover. Cutting the pipe will leave one threaded end of the pipe will be the outlet port and should not be modified. The heating comes from 2 heater rods made by Ogden ratings of 400W at 240V. You will need 2 at this rating. The heater will run the entire length of the injector body below the plastic inlet port that was cut earlier.

Transport packaging needs to be matched to its logistics system. Users can perform both the operation and the parameterization of allsystem components via the CC 300. Aztech Precision Limited was formed in 2000 and has over 50 years experience in Toolmaking, plastic Injection molding is simple with the right equipment. We support you with ourextensive know, you can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. Because this smart water manifold systemhelps to increase parts quality, surface finish of the core and cavity of moulds will further influence the cost.

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