France and Morocco’s global climate champions have set out their detailed agenda to boost cooperative action between governments, cities, business, investors and citizens to cut emissions rapidly and help vulnerable nations plan de marrakech pdf to climate impacts and build their own clean energy, sustainable futures. The action agenda is an important support and catalyst to the early and effective implementation of the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement. Laurence Tubiana, French Ambassador for climate change and Ms. Hakima El Haite, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment of Morocco, in charge of the Environment have published their roadmap for the agenda.

They have also launched a consultative process in order to seek the views of governments and non-state stakeholders on this vision. A key part of their programme involves a series of events on the way to the next annual UN climate change conference, in Marrakech, Morocco, where they will actively engage stakeholders. The full package, including the roadmap, key events, a call for submissions and the personal biographies of the two champions follows. Paris, it was agreed that mobilizing stronger and more ambitious climate action by all Parties and non-Party stakeholders is urgently required if the goals of the Paris Agreement are to be achieved. Paris Action Agenda, as well as the urgent need to scale up the global response to climate change and support greater ambition from governments.

To ensure a durable connection between the Convention and the many voluntary and collaborative actions, Parties decided that two high-level champions shall be appointed. The above-mentioned decision details the tasks to be performed by these high-level champions. We are committed to working with all Parties and non-Party stakeholders, to respecting the principles of inclusiveness and transparency, and to promoting innovation. We will present, at COP 22, a joint report on climate action and on the implementation of this road map.

However, we believe that more can be done, in particular, to actively include in this process more representatives from national and local governments, businesses and civil society from developing countries. We intend to ensure that they are fully engaged and represented in the global climate action agenda. We also wish to ensure that, in line with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement, we bring in more initiatives and proposals focusing on adaptation and climate resilience, as well as on the reorientation of financial flows. We also wish to recall that innovation is of critical importance, and we plan to fully support initiatives that foster innovation.

We are actively engaging all climate action coalitions and leading initiatives. We strongly believe that now is the time to consolidate and streamline support for climate action and empower civil society at large to get on with the job of delivery and scaling up results. Our focus will be on supporting those initiatives that have the greatest impact on the ground, consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Parties, and the implementation of the sustainable development goals. Parties may wish to review their NDCs in light of the long-term goals now embedded in the Paris Agreement. NDCs and allow for additional actions. Initiatives will prove most useful when they enable the implementation of NDCs and their progressive increase in ambition.

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We will be calling for contributions from actors in all sectors to generate solutions that can help governments to implement what they have committed to and to extend them further. 21, we will launch a new voluntary initiative on low-emission development strategies for all interested Parties and non-Party stakeholders. UNFCCC process and governments in general. Governments will also continue to have bilateral interactions with their respective civil society representatives, as well as with global networks.

UNFCCC negotiation process, and to interact better with governments. We need to help Parties and non-Party stakeholders achieve the recognition they seek. At the same time, we need to ensure that these initiatives and coalitions achieve the targets they set themselves, that these targets are really consistent with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and that actors are actually doing what it takes to achieve the commitments they made. Therefore, we intend to work with Parties and non-Party stakeholders to consolidate transparency of action and tracking of implementation to demonstrate the credibility of voluntary initiatives and coalitions.

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