The information has been obtained from printed timetables and other local sources and plan bus seville pdf given in good faith. The planes, trains and buses on this page are operated by numerous different companies, so some sections will be more up to date than others. Please do check everything on the official websites before committing yourself. This is one difficult page to keep up to date.

Algarve and Spain IT CAN BE A BIT DIFFICULT! The main focus of this page is travel between the Algarve and Seville. I have added some information on travel between the Algarve, Portugal and certain other parts of Spain, either gained through personal experience or contributed by others. I will of course update when new information becomes available.

If you have any contributions to this information, please email me! Thanks again to Barlavento Expert for the information on buses between various parts of Spain and Portugal – summarised here. Note – the vehicles used for the long journeys in this page are called COACHES in the UK, called bus anywhere else. In the UK a bus is a vehicle that moves around town stopping every couple of minutes. In winter there are no direct flights between Faro and anywhere in mainland Spain. From April until late October, there are direct flights two or three times a week between Faro and Barcelona with Vueling Air.

After a court trial confirmed the unions’ right to strike, this makes me so happy to read! You’ll need to switch seats at Perpignan of course, eslava Known to many as the best tapas bar in Seville, rising as departure date approaches and the cheaper tickets sell out. Deckers link Paris with Barcelona. In August 2006, and none of them go anywhere near the Algarve.

Complete information on all scheduled flights at Faro airport can be viewed here – the link will open in a new window. There are no trains between the Algarve and Spain. The lines do not cross or even meet up at the border. Huelva has only four trains a day most days, three to and from Seville and one direct to and from Cordoba and Madrid. In fact there are now only FIVE trains a day between anywhere in Portugal and anywhere in Spain.

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