This is originally from on my site, mikesenese. And if you like it, make sure to pizza peel plans pdf! This writeup is currently in the Instructables Pizza Competition. A grid I made that has the holes place every 1.

Trace the outline of your peel on the cardboard. Cut the coardboard to match the peel. Place the center dot of the template printout to match with the center line on the cardboard. The center dot is the seventh dot over. I decided to leave a small gap in the front of the peel, so my placement had the printout taped to the cardboard portrait orientation, with the larger margin on the top edge. The paper won’t be wide enough for the cardboard, so cut a strip from the second printout for the left and right side, and line it up with the dots on the first piece. Tape in place, cut around the the cardboard and tape the whole thing to the peel.

I crossed them out with a pencil to leave a margin on the top and sides. Place the scrap piece of wood underneath the peel to help minimize distortion. Slowly drill through each dot on the template. I was using, there was one small section in the center that I was unable to reach. I decided to leave this as-is, instead of doing it by hand. I don’t think it will make a big difference. Using the middle sized drill bit, carefully enlarge each hole.

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