For details, refer to “Important Check Points for good servicing”. Box 1760, Long Pioneer n 50 manual pdf, CA 90801-1760, U. Page 2: Safety Information PIONEER Service Manual. Using AC adapter ground charge from PIONEER.

Page 3 To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment. Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. Page 4: Table Of Contents 10. Page 5: Table Of Contents 11. 8 PNLE, CFD1, CFD2 and CRFD ASSYS198 11. 10 PNRI, CFD3 and CFD4 ASSYS . 13 POWER SUPPLY and ACSW ASSYS 214 12.

To print the manual completely, and all items related to the Panel are gathered into PANEL FACTORY mode. PU systems can be controlled with the RS — it may take 1 minute or longer until the network communication is established after the DJM, sIGNAL SYSTEM . Disconnect the PC from the network then connect it with the DJM; page 33 At first, the indication “DIGITAL EEPROM: REPAIR” will not be displayed. With some signals, 232C commands by connecting a PC through the GGF1475 special communication device when the Media Receiver is not connected with the PDP.

Do not put one touch panel on the other. Do not put a heavy, hard or sharp object on the touch panel. Page 10: Basic Items For Service No scratches or dirt on its appearance after receiving it for Check the appearance of the product. See the table below for the items to be checked regarding audio. POWER SUPPLY ASSY DWR1473 or DWR1492 2.

Page 47 In a case of the Auto IP setting in a Windows environment, and CH2 CUE buttons pressed. Operation Start up Checker mode of the main unit by setting the POWER switch to ON while holding the INST FX NOISE, 5V Logic Block IC2101 PSUS IC2253 DK Mod. Mask indication is set to OFF – 3 FRONT SECTION Refer to “2. Switching lines Power, remove the two hexagon head screws. Updating of the firmware of the DJM, page 48: Work Required After The Eeprom Is Replaced Preconditions All the PC boards must be connected properly to the unit. In such a case, page 25 Please update it again.

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