Irrigation and Drainage’ is the flagship publication of ICID. The journal is a prestigious, peer-reviewed publication, publishing original papers on performance by design computer capacity planning by example pdf, engineering, environmental and socio-economic issues associated with irrigation and drainage. As members, all ICID National Committees receive 10 copies of the Journal for distribution among its members, on a complimentary basis preferably on-line, but can also be provided in hard copy. Members of various Working Groups also receive a complimentary copy.

Direct Members also receive an on-line complimentary copy. The Summary Report of the First World Irrigation Forum contains a brief outcome of the various sessions, sub-themes, side events, roundtables and panel discussions. This report presents the highlights of the WIF1, benefitting particularly those who could not make it to Mardin. It also contains a DVD with full version of the background papers, keynote addresses, and various papers presented at the Forum.

Food Security by Optimal Use of Water – Synthesis of Theme 2. ICID jointly with FAO was involved in the preparations of the Thematic Priority 2. Contribute to Food Security by Optimal Use of Water’ with Dr Pasquale Steduto from FAO as the Coordinator of the Core Group and Prof Bart Schultz, President Honoraire, ICID as Co-coordinator. WGDrainagethat compiles all the possible publications addressing the theory and practise of drainage in one place and make it easily accessible in electronic format. The participating countries were: China, Indian, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Turkey. The study was carried out in two steps. Tidal areas exist all over the world along the coasts.

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Generally they are sensitive areas with a high ecological value. Due to their physical conditions and environmental value they are normally left as such and spared from development. However, due to strategic reasons, in many locations there are often tremendous pressures to develop these areas for various types of land uses. ICID and participation in its activities. Since its establishment, there has been an overwhelming response and over 135 nominations from ICID national committees were received.

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