Please forward this perfect square roots worksheet pdf screen to 207. Use The Quadratic Formula Calculator to see Quadratic Formula and discriminant in Action! What does the discriminant look like? What is the formula for the Discriminant?

The solution can be thought of in two different ways. 0 is the x-axis, the solution is where the parabola intercepts the x-axis. What does this formula tell us? If the solution is a real number or an imaginary number. If the solution is rational or if it is irrational. Since the discriminant is zero, there should be 1 real solution to this equation.

Since the discriminant is zero, we should expect 1 real solution which you can see pictured in the graph below. Since the discriminant is positive and rational , there should be 2 real rational solutions to this equation. As you can see below, if you use the quadratic formula to find the actual solutions, you do indeed get 2 real rational solutions. Since the discriminant is positive and a perfect square, we have two real solutions that are rational. Since this quadratic equation’s discriminant is positive and a perfect square, there are two real solutions that are rational.

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