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PDF is still a king of electronic document formats. PDF is a smart and universal choice for the fixed-layout, self-contained documents so vital to businesses across the globe. Muhimbi’s market leading conversion and document processing platform is now cloud based. Convert, Merge, Watermark, and OCR common file formats using an affordable Cloud-based subscription. In addition to converting, merging, watermarking and securing files, it can also apply user-specific watermarks the moment a file is opened. Automatically add PDF bookmarks and a Table Of Content for easy navigation. Pass in custom HTML to easily generate reports and other content.

Make them more manageable by splitting them into multiple smaller ones based on the number of pages or PDF bookmark level. No worries – we’ve got you covered with our flexible watermark engine. The PDF Converter makes it easy to encrypt files or restrict the ability to print or copy content. Use our software to encrypt your PDFs. Your search engine won’t be able to find these files, so use Optical Character Recognition to make your documents discoverable.

I am not the only one experiencing this issue, the issues is this since I applied the updates I cannot open pdf files directly in Adobe regardless of the configuration I try. Multiple File Upload, if you don’t feel like you want to do some hacking yourself you can download the WSP here and deploy it yourself to try it out. The final thing we need to do is to modify the Feature that was automatically created when the Empty Element SPI was added to the project. Deployed the solution, when forms change slightly, we’ve got you covered with our flexible watermark engine. Deployed as Web Feature, user Profile sync not importing AD objects?

Copy it all to the destination file or zero it out? Office 365 versions are available as well. The PDF Converter supports the most popular file formats encountered in a typical office environment. K2 or Visual Studio workflows to integrate document processing into your own business processes. Localisation: Currently available in English, Dutch, Japanese, French, Traditional Chinese and German. Additional languages are added based on demand. Click here for detailed pricing information.

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