If you deal regularly with PDF files, and often use word processors such as Microsoft Word to edit your text documents, then an app called PDF to Word from the App Store could easily become your new best friend. Microsoft Word for iOS or on Microsoft Word on your computer. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of using the app and show you just how easy this process can be. PDF file on hand, such as inside of your Dropbox account pdf ios 5.1 1 we’ll demonstrate in this tutorial, and opening the file in the PDF to Word app on your iOS device to start the conversion process.

Step 1: Locate a PDF file on your device to convert. We’ll be using a 2016 tax form that we have in our Dropbox account for this tutorial. Step 2: Tap on the share button within your app to access an iOS share sheet. DOCX file instead of a PDF file, allowing you to edit it in Microsoft Word or other compatible word processors. PDF to Word is a free application, and you’re free to use it and its services an unlimited amount of times and as often as you would like with the small inconvenience of having to wait 1-1. 5 hours for a PDF to Word conversion to complete. For most people, converting a PDF file to a Word file might not be a race to beat the clock, and the free option having you wait for the conversion to complete probably won’t make or break the usefulness of the app.

You used Dropbox, can I use other services? I used Dropbox because it’s one of my favorite cloud-based apps to share files with. As long as the cloud service that you use supports a share button in its native iOS app and lets you access an iOS share sheet, you should be able to use it with PDF to Word, and this means that you can indeed use other services if they’re supported. You can just as easily start a conversion from a PDF you received by email. The app maintains a high quality for your finished DOCX file from start to end without degrading quality, and is able to maintain all text, formatting, layouts, tables, and more, even after the conversion. The file list from the PDF to Word app includes its own share button, so you can easily launch DOCX files from there in Microsoft Word on your iOS device and begin editing it, this gives you the ability to fill out forms, better format any tables or information fields that may not look as nice after the conversion, and more. PDF to Word can be had free of cost from the App Store.

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below! Get updates directly into your inbox. This website is not affiliated with Apple. It may not be well known, but iOS has several ways to save things as PDF and print webpages and other documents as PDF files. While one of the most popular methods involves using 3D Touch, another PDF generation approach is available to devices without that capability, and instead relies on a gesture trick to save something as PDF.

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