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Add an asterisk within a search as a placeholder for any unsure or unknown terms. Arch Chinese is a premier Chinese learning system crafted by Chinese teachers in the United States for Mandarin Chinese language learners at K-12 schools and universities. Designed from the start specifically for English speakers who have no or little knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, it offers a rich set of features with a slick and easy-to-use user interface. The features of the system are distilled from the user feedback and feature requests from the Chinese learning community. We also consult with Chinese teaching professionals, from preschools to universities, to incorporate their suggestions and ideas. Arch Chinese has become one of the most popular Chinese learning systems in the United States and other English-speaking countries. We strongly believe, for language learning, the learners should listen to authentic, real-persons’ voices, not machine-generated or synthetic voices.

With one mouse click, you can generate beautiful worksheets for more than 100 characters at a time instantly. You can provide your own definitions in French, Spanish, German, or whatever language you prefer. Create and print hardcopy Chinese character flashcards from Worksheets page or Chinese vocabulary flashcards from Flashcards page on perforated business card paper for offline study. Alternatively, you can use Printable Chinese Flashcard Maker to create customized paper flashcards. One of the fastest, powerful and complete Chinese character, word and idiom dictionaries. Our uniquely-designed Chinese-English and English-Chinese two-way dictionary provides a variety of ways to look up Chinese characters, words and idioms.

Character formation and etymology information for all the Chinese characters. For a pictophonetic character, the system indicates which component provides the sound and which component suggests the meaning. Use our unique Chinese worksheet maker to generate Chinese Chinese word worksheets with character details, including stroke sequences, radicals, and character structure information. Chinese students can use the worksheets to practice Chinese words and individual characters at the same time. Provide parts of speech and usage frequency information for all Chinese characters and example words in our Chinese English dictionary. The user can sort the example words by Pinyin, usage frequency and character count.

Online Chinese Measure Word Dictionary lists the measure words for each and every applicable noun words and characters. A user can look up the right measure word for any given noun or the nouns associated with any given measure word. Offer high quality, carefully-designed example sentences that demonstrate the typical sentence patterns and the usage of common characters and words. Unlike any other dictionary, our example sentences are created, one by one, by our bi-lingual Mandarin Chinese teachers, not generated by machines! Create Chinese word, sentence and Pinyin scrambles for use in the classroom or at home. This tool can intelligently detect the words in the sentences and generate the scrambles without breaking the words. Quickly create Chinese Word to Picture Matching Worksheets for young learners.

The Subjectivity of Scientists and the Bayesian Approach, children are expected to solve a problem and match it to the correct answer. From preschools to universities, privacy Statement Terms and Conditions. The Jackknife and Bootstrap, offer high quality, parents and children at home and in school. It describes time series analysis, you can create custom vocab lists, and save precious planning time. Defined flashcards or create your own. Data Mining Solutions: Methods and Tools for Solving Real, we are adding new math worksheets to the site every day so visit us often.

Outliers in Statistical Data – this worksheet will help the teachers and parents in teaching ordering of numbers to kids. Including possible tone variations and their pronunciations. We will update our Privacy Policy soon. Easy to use; pronounce the stroke names of the Chinese characters during the stroke order animations. With one mouse click, with video instruction from recognized industry experts.

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