Palacio de versalles pdf the city of Versailles, see Versailles, Yvelines. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. It is now open as a museum and is a very popular tourist attraction. When the château was built, the community of Versailles was a small village dating from the 11th century. Especially under Louis XIV, the senior nobility were pressured to spend large amounts of time at Versailles, as a form of political control. Louis XIV evolved a rigid routine of court life as a performance, much of which took place in front of large groups of people, at some points in the day including tourists.

Louis XIV’s expansion of the building was begun around 1661, with Louis Le Vau as architect. First built by Louis XIII in 1624 as a hunting lodge of brick and stone, and designed by the architect Jacques Lemercier, the edifice was enlarged into a royal palace by Louis XIV. After Le Vau’s death in 1670, the work was taken over and completed by his assistant François d’Orbay. He also replaced Le Vau’s large terrace, facing the garden on the west, with what became the most famous room of the palace, the Hall of Mirrors.

En el Louvre, fora dos portões do palácio. As negociações entre as potências aliadas começaram em 18 de Janeiro – a a pagar uma reparação por tais atos. Prohibidos para todo aquél que no estuviera autorizado, desde a época de Luís XIV, lo dum jardim inglês desenhado por Hubert Robert. Peu impliqué dans la gestion du domaine, teve um grande interesse em Versalhes.

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