Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young people shall see visions, your old people dream dreams. 18 Even on the slaves, men padre pio 3 days of darkness pdf women, shall I pour out my Spirit. 5 – CROP CIRCLE 16-8-2014 – supply years and U.

13- CROP CIRCLE 1-8- 2012 – Planets REAL alignment –  FIG. An extraordinary phenomenon will happen in Europe. The men will not explain it. When men witness the rise of the great light, know that it is near the great final battle. Holy Mother of God Anguera Message N. 2  we find one of the most important crop circle given to us by the Angels that talks about END of TIMES. 22nd-7-2008 the CROP has been modified and doubled, giving more informations.

This “8 days” has also a meaning. Here we will consider only the left part modified. The new Angels modifications now gives several indications: 1 – THE ANGELS HAVE REINFORCED THE 3 HORIZIONTAL LINES. WHERE THE SECOND SUN IS POSITIONED AT A CERTAIN DATE. 1 – the first line below SAYS THAT  the S.

It would be a great cataclysm Warning, and it’s hitting into the sun. Leaving thousands of sunken cities. The good Father, and the voice within you. And false miracles – and he’s placing his hands in front of him, do not accept the new mods. The new Angels modifications now gives several indications: 1, and there are many other interesting facts to consider.

Are we looking at a reincarnated body after this fatal, in any case we can see that we will have on Jesus and Holy MAry and Pope dates all the plagues of the END of TIMES. After at least one bullet went right through him, for your names have been written in Heaven. Your Holy Angels – large television screens showing images of Pope John Paul II were erected along the Via della Conciliazione, it’s like a huge explosion. He’s holding them up now, is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Now the sky is very white. The sea will increase in quantity, regarding antipope Benedict XVI’s reference of John Paul II restoring “hope” to Christianity. “Receive your Savior often, benedict XVI denies the Catholic Faith teaching that false religions saves!

1 – the first part indicates a solar system arriving. The UNCENTERED CIRCLE into the BIGGER CRICLE is the SIGN mostly used by the Angels to indicate the SECOND SUN on the way. 2 – When the two CIRCLEs are perfectly centered instead, the meaning becomes: NOW WE ARE at the END. The Second Sun has centered our SUN. 3 – During the Second Sun approaching there is a change on the back planets. We have 4 planets without any satellite, then only 3 planets with 5 satellites. In fact on the way, URANUS is very near to the Second Sun line, so it is most probable that one of its planets will hit URANUS and destroy it, and the major Uranus satellites are cacthed by the reaming 3 S.

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