This article is about the way computers organise operating system silberschatz 9th edition pdf stored on media such as disk. For library and office filing systems, see Library classification. In computing, a file system or filesystem is used to control how data is stored and retrieved.

There are many different kinds of file systems. Each one has different structure and logic, properties of speed, flexibility, security, size and more. Some file systems have been designed to be used for specific applications. For example, the ISO 9660 file system is designed specifically for optical discs. File systems can be used on numerous different types of storage devices that use different kinds of media. The most common storage device in use today is a hard disk drive. Before the advent of computers the term file system was used to describe a method of storing and retrieving paper documents.

By 1961 the term was being applied to computerized filing alongside the original meaning. By 1964 it was in general use. A file system consists of two or three layers. Sometimes the layers are explicitly separated, and sometimes the functions are combined. The logical file system is responsible for interaction with the user application.

The logical file system “manage open file table entries and per-process file descriptors. The second optional layer is the virtual file system. This interface allows support for multiple concurrent instances of physical file systems, each of which is called a file system implementation. The third layer is the physical file system. It processes physical blocks being read or written. Note: this only applies to file systems used in storage devices.

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