This article relies one last time piano pdf or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Time Waits for No One” is a song by English rock band the Rolling Stones from the 1974 album It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll. It was the first song recorded for the album.

Credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, “Time Waits for No One” is a slower, smoother song than the ones for which the Stones are best known. The song opens with a riff by Richards which echoes throughout the rest of the song. Drummer Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman keep affected jazz beats. The song’s most noteworthy elements, however, are Mick Taylor’s extended guitar solo and Jagger’s lyrics. Taylor credits inspiration for the solo to a visit to Brazil following the Stones’ European Tour 1973. Taylor’s solo guitar piece carries the song to its conclusion.

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Jagger’s lyrics are a pastiche of complex observations and reflections. This page was last edited on 21 March 2018, at 21:33. Follow the link for more information. Hit Me Baby One More Time” redirects here. The picture of a young woman who looks the camera. She has straight brown hair and wears soft make-up.

It was written by Max Martin and produced by Martin and Rami. Baby One More Time” was released on October 23 1998 through Jive Records. Spears has performed “Baby One More Time” in a number of live appearances and during all of her concert tours. I had been in studio for about six months listening and recording material, but I hadn’t really heard a hit yet. When I started working with Max Martin in Sweden, he played the demo for ‘Baby One More Time’ for me, and I knew from the start it of those songs you want to hear again and again. I went into the studio and did my own thing with it, trying to give it a little more attitude than the demo. In 10 days, I never even saw Sweden.

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