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Taylor Freezer Sales Company of Georgia, Inc. Purpose of Activity: To teach students the value of using short passes to move down the football field. Divide your class into four even teams. Play on two fields that are side by side if you can. A good length of the field is about 50 yards.

If you have uneven sides then have a person rotate in on every play so one will be sitting out on one play. To begin the game have a throw or a kick off. The team that has the ball has 4 downs to bring the ball down the field over the end line. Downs happen when the person with the ball is tagged or when the ball is thrown to another teammate and the ball is dropped. Teams then line-up on each side of the ball and the ball is passed back to the quarterback and the game begins immediately. The quarterback must be rotated until everyone has had a chance to be quarterback. Anyone may tag the person with the ball.

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