Inside, the devil is in the detail. Check out our old devil moon pdf atmosphere dripping with black magic – candles, tarot, and ouija.

See if you can spot our dead bar cat watching you from between the rum bottles. You may even get your fortune read while your cocktail is stirring. With one Advanced and two Certified Cicerones behind the bar – Chris Cohen, Andrew Kelley, and Ericka Schell – you know we’re fiends for the best beer found in the mortal realm. Expect a rotating selection of the finest craft beer, a world-class draft system, and a calendar of beer-focused events. We also have a full cocktail list with a passion for whiskey and rum. On a hot day, come sit on our patio with a Devil’s Daiquiri, Po’ Julep, or Moon Also Rises. We got your po’ boys, both traditional and never seen before.

We source from high quality SF-based artisans and purveyors including Gulfish, Avedano’s Meats, and Paulie’s Pickling. But what we love most of all is gathering old friends, new friends, and friends we haven’t met yet around a fine beverage and a story. Come meet our team, check out our events, read our menus, sign up for our mailing list, or come on by and join the revelry. Old Devil Moon: Mischief Made, Spirits Raised. 1 off pints and house cocktails. Two crispy tortillas layered with Texas style chili, finished with shredded cheese, fried, cilantro, green onion, avocado sauce, house made salsa, smoked paprika, and sour cream.

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