Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071800229. I use this site to share and nitro pdf javascript examples various things, mostly my work with computers.

While I currently work on large scale cloud computing performance at Netflix, this site reflects my own opinions and work from over the years. I have a personal blog, and I’m also on twitter. For a short selection of content, see my overview page. A page to summarize my Linux Performance related material. A page on Working Set Size Estimation, covering what I know and have developed on the topic. I used FreeBSD for many examples. In this talk I introduced a FreeBSD static perf tools diagram, the BSD perf analysis in 60 seconds checklist, and the tstate.

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Slides for my OSSNA 2017 talk Performance Analysis Superpowers with Linux BPF. A post on Solaris to Linux Migration 2017. Solaris was an OS that was once in widespread use, but development now seems to have ceased. A post on Working at Netflix 2017, following on from my earlier posts. I expanded on mundane topics like how many meetings I have each week, as I was getting asked this recently.

AWS EC2 cloud, something I’d been working on with Amazon and others for a while. O, stall cycles, and cache misses. Slides for my SCaLE15x talk on Linux 4. I posted Where has my disk space gone? 2017 talk on BPF: Tracing and More, summarizing other uses for enhanced BPF. Slides for my USENIX LISA 2016 talk Linux 4. Tracing Tools: Using BPF Superpowers, which focused on bcc tools I’ve developed.

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