Choose higher values for increased brightness, lower values nikon d90 specifications pdf reduced brightness. Live View See page 49 for information on adjusting monitor brightness in live view or during movie recording. Page 4 Choose a language for camera menus and messages.

Image Dust Off ref photo is available only when a CPU lens is mounted on the camera. Page 7 Acquire dust off reference data. Press the shutter-release button the rest of the way down to acquire image Dust Off reference data. The monitor turns off when the shutter-release button pressed. Note that noise reduction will be performed if the subject is poorly lit, increasing recording times. Page 8 View information on the battery currently inserted in the camera.

The current battery level expressed as a percentage. The number of times the shutter has been released with the current battery since the battery was last charged. Note that the camera may sometimes Pic. Page 9 Artist and Copyright fields are blank before lending or transferring the camera to another person.

The number of times the shutter has been released with the current battery since the battery was last charged. If card is damaged; consult Camera malfunction. 141 Format memory card 32, page 88 Auto distortion control . Page 36 II Compatible Non, otherAF NIKKOR: A ll functions supported except 3D color matrix metering II.

Nikon does not accept liability for any damages or disputes arising from the use of the Copyright information option. Page 11 Display avirtual h orizon based o ninformation fromthecamera tilt sensor. The reference lineisdisplayed i ngreen when the camera i slevel. Page 30 Compare retouched copies to the original photographs.

Options can be added, deleted, and reordered as described below. The items currently displayed in My Menu are indicated by a check mark. Items indicated by a icon can not be selected. Repeat steps I-4 to select additional items. II Deleting Options from My Menu Select Remove items. Page 35 Technical N otes Read this chapter for information on compatible accessories, cleaning and storing the camera, and what to do if an error message is displayed or you encounter problems using the camera. IX-NIKKOR lenses can not be used.

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