Samsung HBM Aquabolt delivers the highest level of DRAM performance for the most data-intensive and high-performance applications, underscoring the company’s commitment to DRAM innovation. 1 for automotives is the industry’s first storage device to new product introduction pdf advanced features of the UFS 3. I would like to be notified by email of future case studies, white papers, webinars and other educational content. Contact Us We will help you find the right solutions for your business.

Your request has been received and will take effect shortly. You can find a Welcome email and the latest newsletter from us . Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox browsers. Project Plan – A clear correlation between project initiatives and business objectives and their alignment. Product Design -Identification of user requirements and the way in which these are to be satisfied in the final product. Product Development conversion of the product idea into a functional and manufacturable reality. Product Reviews – Appraise product modules, development plans, pricing and packaging.

Explore key issues and problems interactively. A summary with key recommendations provided. Be informed, develop your vision and execute your business objectives. New electronic product development is an industry that changes so quickly it transforms in the blink of an eye. The world has recently come to a turning point where smart technologies are the code-words of energy development and technologies with and ecological inclination. An interesting side-bar of the Smart Grid phenomenon is that it is operated and owned almost exclusively by industry, with most standards and leadership provided by government. The worldwide emphasis on smart energy stimulated a need for simpler, faster development of technologies associated with smarter electronic products.

Residential application applied to appliances, lighting, safety, security and management of consumer usage. Consumers and utility companies both can now have more security, control, and flexibility over power management. With this growing demand for less power consumption we are going to see tremendous growth in Smart Energy projects over the next few years. Remote monitoring and control applications are already enabling a greener environment.

Further developments of Smart Grid home devices are already advancing the goal of reducing carbon emissions. To excel, companies will have to get on board with greener technologies. Individual opinions vary widely about Smart Grid systems, but all sides concur that our antiquated analog and mechanical electric grid has to be upgraded to modern digital networks. I have seen unconfirmed reports that U. S, utility companies already have signed contracts to install as many as 30 – 45 million Smart Meters.

Power transmission and distribution grids utilize a Smart Grid to enable more efficient use of electricity. Smart technology addresses energy independence by reducing peak demand periods and using less power at a better price. Smart Metering, it is possible to economically provide information as to when and how much electricity is used. The possibilities seem to be vast for these frontiers! New ideas for electronic product development are advancing not only Smart Grid technologies but all aspects of designing electronic products. The following definition is what the government and utilities that fund the development of grid modernization have specified as required functions for Smart Grids.

As with the internet, a smart-grid network must link up billions of connections and devices as well as perform functions all at once. It needs to be far more flexible than the current antiquated power system while preserving our natural resources. What a great time to be a scientist or electronic product development company! We are working together to create an evolution, maintaining the old while constructing the future. Worldwide, anything pertaining to the design, development and implementation of reducing our carbon footprint is in the spotlight.

We found that a fascinating aspect of our client’s product is that it meets all of the criteria for greener, cheaper, faster, smarter electronics. Announcing The Release of Advantage Product Development Cores. Accelerating your product development and lowering your cost. Advantage announces the release of the first two Development Advantage CoreTM products. These products provide a leap forward in the product development process by providing proven validated platforms as a core to a new product under development. These platforms are specially structured for rapid product development through the use of strategic modular architectectures and nodes for customization. What is New Product Development and Introduction?

A New Product is defined as a product new to the company marketing it. NPI services are for clients with a need for innovation, quality control and rapid time to market. Introduction Services use proven design and development methodologies. Infrastructure you can feel secure about when engaging us to design and develop products that are beyond the scope of your core focus.

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