Please forward this error screen to 91. Please forward this error screen to 104. 1 gauge, gauge 1 or gauge one is a model n scale railroading magazine pdf and toy train standard that was popular in the early 20th century, particularly with European manufacturers.

0 gauge but slightly smaller than wide gauge, which came to be the dominant U. Gauge one was standardised, according to Model Railways and Locomotive magazine of August 1909, at 1. An exact 1:32 scale would yield 1. Definitions using gauge, rather than scale, were more common in the early days with the four gauges for which standards were adopted being No.

Initially as popular in the United States as in the UK, 1 gauge lost popularity in the U. World War I, which dramatically decreased foreign imports, allowing the U. After World War I, most surviving U. In the 1950s and 1960s 1 gauge experienced a renaissance, first in the UK and then elsewhere. This was helped by 1 gauge being the same size as the modern G scale, a popular standard for outdoor model railroads. Although vintage 1 gauge trains use the same track standard as modern G scale, scale modeling was not a primary design consideration in 1 gauge’s heyday, so the actual size and scale of the locomotives and cars varied. Such railways are to be found in, among other places, Switzerland, the inspiration source for many commercial G gauge models.

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Due to the size of the locomotives it is possible for them to be powered with live steam, which to many is a large advantage as they are cheaper than traditional live steam garden railroads. These are usually fired by gas or methylated spirit, which are both very popular. Wrightway Rolling Stock produce a range of quality coaches for British outline gauge one railways and a range of cars for North American and European outline railways. They can supply from their range or custom build. Some of the range is available in 10mm scale.

Märklin, in Germany, has produced several different lines of trains that can be considered 1 gauge. Their first production took place in the late 1800s, with a line of “tinplate” type trains. This line was discontinued in favor of their more popular 0 gauge trains. In the late 1960s, Märklin reentered the large scale market with a modest range of 1 gauge trains. In the early 2000s, Märklin added a second line of gauge one trains under the brand name “Maxi”. These trains were made of stamped metal and were more toylike in appearance in comparison to their scale version of 1 gauge trains. The Maxi line was intended to compete against the more popular LGB product line, which also operates on 45mm gauged track, but is scaled to IIm standards.

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