ASME Codes for Pressure Piping, MSS Standards SP-58 and SP-69 and the applicable U. Pipe Designs Specially designed and mss sp 58 pdf constant or vaiable units are available upon request.

Installation and inspection procedures are available upon request. AAA Technology to respond promptly to our customers’ needs. AAA Technology manufactures engineered spring hangers in accordance with the applicable ASME Codes for Pressure Piping, MSS Standards SP-58 and SP-69 and the applicable U. High Load box springs provide excellent stability where small vertical movement and high loading is expected and loads up to 250,000 can be accommodated. AAA Technology inventories a stock of components for use in both the welded and the adjustable rigid sway strut units. Upon receipt of your requirements and order, we will assemble the necessary components and ship the rigid sway strut units you require. Sway Brace Assemblies AAA Technology manufactures a standard line of sway brace assemblies capable of handling loads up to 7,200 lbs.

AAA Technology maintains an inventory of components and can produce finished assemblies quickly. Sway Brace Assemblies can be designed and manufactured for non-standard loads, movements and pipe diameters. For absorbing thrust associated with the release of blow off valves which may cause immediate or accumulative damage to piping or equipment. For use with piping subjected to shock, sway or vibration caused by earthquake, water hammer, or other transient forces. Mechanical clamp stiffness’s and bolt torque recommendations are available for each design to aid in installation. For hot piping systems, AAA Technology offers designs from the standard T-bar shoe to several reinforced shoe designs for welding to the pipe. For hot piping systems where welding to the pipe is not permitted, we offer several designs of u-bolted and clamped shoes.

A wide variety of designs are offered from the 60 degree wedge to the 180 degree saddle, and further to the 360 degree full encirclement unit. We also offer layered units for extreme service conditions. 10 degrees F, to plus 1200 degrees F without affecting the physical characteristics including the compressive strength. Specially designed and manufactured units are also available upon request.

Pads are pipe protective coverings used to prevent corrosion and electrical conductivity between the pipe and the pipe support. These pads are seal bonded to the pipe in order to prevent moisture collection behind the wear pads. They can be epoxied to the pipe or banded as shown. AAA Technology stocks components for use in both spring coil type and rotary friction type vibration control and sway brace units. Where welding to the pipe is not permitted, we offer several designs of u-bolted and clamped shoes.

PHENOLIC INSULATORS –  Beechwood Blocks, Permali Blocks, Micarta Blocks, Sleeves and Washers. INSTRUMENT STANDS – Single or Double Upright Instrument Stands built to your specifications. Noise Reduction, Random Fiber Orientation Woven Reinforced and PTFE coated and Neoprene. Corrosion Protection Products that is specially designed to protect your pipe in severe environmental and marine conditions. Products for restraint or slide bearing.

When used in marine conditions, exposure to salt water or spray makes this kind of protection critical, because salt acts as an electrolyte to accelerate corrosion. So this added protection is an insurance for continued service in these conditions or where there is excessive humidity. Eng-Tips’s functionality depends on members receiving e-mail. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. I can calculate the maximun stress values but was wondering if there are standard tables for support apacing based on stress and deflection. Also, “Pipe Hangers and Supports – Selection and Application” by Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. Table 3 – “Maximum Horizontal Pipe Hanger and Support Spacing.

Neither are available without forking out cash. Since you are a valued guest of this forum, I’d be happy to email you pdf forms of these tables. I can’t copy the whole publication for copyright issues, etc. I don’t see a problem with providing just the table info. Suggested Manimum Span for Water Services and Steam, GAs or Air Service.

Most of these span tables are based on bending stress and deflection. I haven’t looked at Isthill’s reference since I’ve not really worked with Power Piping, but I would imagine it probably makes some note of these issues. All opinions expressed here are my own and not my company’s. The Piping Engineer will have the SUGGESTED PIPE SUPPORT SPACING in the Piping and Piping Stress Specification. With the SUGGESTED PIPE SUPPORT SPACING spread sheet calculation for Wt. So the problem then becomes how much deflection is acceptable.

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