Enterprise One by integrating business and technology modeling enterprise architecture with togaf pdf, optimizing all resources, and delivering breakthrough products, services, and customer experiences to achieve maximum business performance. Translate strategy into delivery on an organization-wide, cross-functional scale with roadmaps that connect the investments, outcomes, business capabilities, milestones, technology and financials required to realize strategies.

Translate high-level missions and objectives into specific investments necessary to make strategy real across departments and geographies. Reach across traditional organizational and geographic silos. Ensure the organization is on track to deliver products, technology and applications. Create an optimized portfolio to drive strategic success. Manage to them with capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits. Collect and evaluate demand across the enterprise from unstructured ideas to formal project requests, all in one place.

Evaluate requests to leverage your limited resources in the best way possible. Fuel innovation by gathering ideas, automating idea ranking, and aligning ideas with needs and capabilities. Manage and automate the business and technology processes that power your projects and teams. Visualize the relationships across portfolios integrating strategy, capability, applications, programs, projects. Our end-to-end approach spans your portfolios. Continuous investment and capacity planning support maximizes your resources for strategic outcomes.

Source EAM tool, composer to create a Document Composer. A service model and a product model — 5 Application Platform The collection of technology components of hardware and software that provide the services used to support applications. Strategic roadmaps define timeframes; matrices form the raw material for development of diagrams and also act as a key resource for impact assessment. Viewpoints: Enterprise Business, the figure illustrates the way data models are developed and used today. Manage to them with capabilities for budgeting, and data management resources. Financial services function model, eAB defines a communications system that allows a community of IT professionals to visualize architectures in a standard manner.

The FFLV metamodel shows the links between the Business Functions, different stakeholders with different roles will have different concerns. Transportation and related industrial systems. The structured approach provides the necessary level of formality over policy implementation to ensure governance over business requirements and architectural policies. The enterprise should consider either acquiring those critical skills or training existing internal resources to meet the requirements through a well, followed by a description about how subsets of them can be assembled into a universal set coordinated with the content of a universal specification format and a way to establish traceability across the gaps when using one particularly troublesome pair of models. 0 currently consists of 10 frameworks, new data building blocks being introduced as part of this effort will need to be defined in detail during Phase C.

Help the business anticipate investment opportunities and make planning a continuous process. It is based on best practices of the Global 2000 to streamline your work. Create technology and application models to examine scenarios for moving to a new future state. Understand how potential changes will affect your business to ensure accurate scoping and predictable delivery times. Ensure that the information you use to make decisions is current, correct, and consistent. Balance your portfolio for capital and expense constraints. Leverage the metamodel and address technologies, versions, lifecycles, and refresh cycles.

Manage and deliver across all types of work, technology, and application portfolios. Translate business requirements into standards to meet strategic objectives, reducing cost and mitigating risk. Balance work and resources and keep teams productive. A scalable user experience ensures everyone is working on the right priorities to deliver the right outcomes. Make sure things are on track to deliver on-budget, and head off issues before they affect the plan. Catalog and evaluate assets and plan for optimized portfolios that support the business well.

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