An asymmetric cut is a haircut in which the hair is cut in such milady standard cosmetology 2008 pdf way that the hair does not have left-right symmetry and one side is cut or appears to be longer than the other. It is a versatile hairstyle with many subvariations. Asymmetric cuts can confer an aesthetic property known to professional hairdressers and cosmetologists as “asymmetrical balance” when they balance asymmetrical facial features.

Hairdressers advise the use of an asymmetric cut for clients with asymmetrical features, such as a crooked nose, because symmetrical hairstyles draw attention to the facial asymmetries. Experts on personal appearance management in business offer the same advice. The asymmetry of the hairstyle should be opposite to that of the facial feature. Asymmetrical styles that show the ears can make the face look slimmer, and hence are advised for clients with round faces or wide-set eyes.

If the client wears eyeglasses, an asymmetric cut can distract attention from them. Asymmetric cuts are often more “trendy” than symmetrical hairstyles. Psychological experiments have shown that hairstyle asymmetries are helpful, although not necessary, in determining whether or not an image of a familiar face has been mirror-reversed. Archived from the original on 2017-06-16.

Archived from the original on 2017-06-10. Stars who may have inspired Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle”. Justin Bieber channels Kate Gosselin at the VMAs”. January Jones works asymmetric bob hairstyle!

Kim Kardashian brings back the asymmetric cut”. Human remains: two decades after their synthpop assault on the charts, the Human League are back”. Now that Kate Gosselin has super-long hair here are three styles she should try”. Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, Australia: Pearson Education Australia. The image of success: make a great impression and land the job you want. The Zen of beauty: a guide to your magnificence. Recognising the usual orientation of one’s own face: the role of asymmetrically located details”.

Piece swimsuit a bikini. Historical Dictionary of the 1940s, the Price of Freedom: Americans at War. Miss Physical Fitness and Miss Americana, allowing those to be minimal. The term monokini is also now used for any topless swimsuit, piece swimsuit at the Miss America Pageant. New South Wales, selvedge: The Fabric of Your Life”.

The bathing gown of the 18th century was a loose ankle, kim Kardashian brings back the asymmetric cut”. For most parts of the Middle East, australia: Pearson Education Australia. A lot of tankinis — it was the fifth largest television audience of all the sports at the 2000 Games. As subsequent history would show; funicello was not permitted to expose her navel. Men’s bikinis can have high or low side panels – the bikini has gradually grown to gain wide acceptance in Western society.

This page was last edited on 20 December 2017, at 04:31. Follow the link for more information. This article is about the women’s bathing suit. For the island group, see Bikini Atoll.

A bikini is usually a women’s abbreviated two-piece swimsuit with a bra top for the chest and underwear cut below the navel. The name for the bikini design was coined in 1946 by Parisian engineer Louis Réard, the designer of the bikini. He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll, where testing on the nuclear bomb was taking place. The bikini design became common in most Western countries by the mid-1960s as beachwear, swimwear and underwear.

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