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This class was the first to be termed bioflavonoids. Flavonoids are widely distributed in plants, fulfilling many functions. In higher plants, flavonoids are involved in UV filtration, symbiotic nitrogen fixation and floral pigmentation. Over 5000 naturally occurring flavonoids have been characterized from various plants. Parsley is a source of flavones. Blueberries are a source of dietary anthocyanidins. A variety of flavonoids are found in citrus fruits, including grapefruit.

Parsley, both fresh and dried, contains flavones. Blueberries are a dietary source of anthocyanidins. Black tea is a rich source of dietary flavan-3-ols. Flavonoids exist naturally in cocoa, but because they can be bitter, they are often removed from chocolate, even dark chocolate. Food composition data for flavonoids were provided by the USDA database on flavonoids. Data is based on mean flavonoid intake of all countries included in the 2011 EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database.

The main type of flavonoids consumed in the EU and USA were flavan-3-ols, mainly from tea, while intake of other flavonoids was considerably lower. Flavonoids have been shown to have a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities in in vitro studies. Preliminary studies indicate that flavonoids may affect anti-inflammatory mechanisms via their ability to inhibit reactive oxygen or nitrogen compounds. 48 human studies completed or underway to study the dietary effects of plant flavonoids on cardiovascular diseases. However, population-based studies have failed to show a strong beneficial effect which might be due to the considerably lower intake in the habitual diet of those investigated. Flavonoid synthesis in plants is induced by light color spectrums at both high and low energy radiations. Low energy radiations are accepted by phytochrome, while high energy radiations are accepted by carotenoids, flavins, cryptochromes in addition to phytochromes.

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