Ad optimas editiones imprimis Everardi van der Hooght acurate recensa et expressa. Curavit argumentique notationem et indices nec non clavem Masorethicam addidit Mccabe smith 7th edition pdf. Lipsiae: Ex officina Bernhardi Tauchnitz, 1878.

The Targum of Onkelos to Genesis. Translated into Hebrew, Yiddish and English. With the variations in the LXX. Retranslated into the original and explained. New York: Columbia University Press, 1909. The Book of Tobit: a Chaldee text from a unique MS. With other rabbinical texts, English translations and the Itala.

Together with the Early Versions and an English translation. Followed by the Quotations from Ben Sira in Rabbinical Litarature. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Monographs of the Peshitta Institute Leiden 16. A text edition of all extant Hebrew Manuscripts and a synopsis of all parallel Hebrew Ben Sira texts. New York: The Hebrew Publishing Company, 1914.

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New York: Harper and brothers, 1881. 1550, cum variis lectionibus editionum Bezae, Elezeviri, Lachmanni, Tischendorfii, Tregellesii, Westcott-Hortii, versionis Anglicanae emendatorum, curante F. New York: Hinds and Noble, 1897. Cum Graeco ipsius fonte studiose contulit atque plurimis tam exegeticis quam philologicis observationibus textum partim, partim versionem illustravit auctor Christophorus Augustus Bode. Interpreted in its relation to contemporaneous religious currents in Palestine and the Hellenistic-Oriental World. Text of Tischendorf with a constant comparison of the Text of Westcott and Hort. New York: Silver, Burdett and Co, 1896.

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