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Book Description: Follow this handbook to build, configure, tune, and secure Apache Cassandra databases. Start with the installation of Cassandra and move on to the creation of a single instance, and then a cluster of Cassandra databases. Cassandra is increasingly a key player in many big data environments, and this book shows you how to use Cassandra with Apache Spark, a popular big data processing framework. Also covered are day-to-day topics of importance such as the backup and recovery of Cassandra databases, using the right compression and compaction strategies, and loading and unloading data. Expert Apache Cassandra Administration provides numerous step-by-step examples starting with the basics of a Cassandra database, and going all the way through backup and recovery, performance optimization, and monitoring and securing the data. The book serves as an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the building and management of simple to complex Cassandra databases.

Database administrators, developers, and architects who are looking for an authoritative and comprehensive single volume for all their Cassandra administration needs. Also for administrators who are tasked with setting up and maintaining highly reliable and high-performing Cassandra databases. Reproduction of site books is authorized only for informative purposes and strictly for personal, private use. Webinar: Is the traditional data warehouse dead? As a follow-up to my blog Is the traditional data warehouse dead? I did a webinar on that very topic for the Agile Big Data Processing Summit.

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