A steam generator is a form of low water-content boiler, similar to a flash steam boiler. They marine boiler operation pdf used as auxiliary boilers on ships.

One of the best-known designs is the Stone-Vapor. The inner casing of the boiler forms a vertical bell, with an outer airtight cylindrical casing. The Clayton steam generator is similar to the Stone-Vapor, but the burner and flow directions are reversed. The heating coil is mounted within a simple cylindrical casing.

Rather than helical, cylindrical layers, the Clayton coils are arranged as layers of flat spirals. Water is pumped into the top layers and forced downwards. Again, the tube diameter increases in steps, as evaporation takes place. This safety from explosion is due to two causes.

Firstly, small diameter tubes are inherently stronger than large tubes of the same construction, as was first appreciated by William Fairbairn in the mid-19th century. Principle of Operation of a Clayton Steam Generator”. This page was last edited on 9 February 2018, at 09:54. Sectioned fire-tube boiler from a DRB Class 50 locomotive. The heat of the gases is transferred through the walls of the tubes by thermal conduction, heating the water and ultimately creating steam. The fire-tube boiler developed as the third of the four major historical types of boilers: low-pressure tank or “haystack” boilers, flued boilers with one or two large flues, fire-tube boilers with many small tubes, and high-pressure water-tube boilers.

This type of boiler was used on virtually all steam locomotives in the horizontal “locomotive” form. This has a cylindrical barrel containing the fire tubes, but also has an extension at one end to house the “firebox”. This firebox has an open base to provide a large grate area and often extends beyond the cylindrical barrel to form a rectangular or tapered enclosure. In the locomotive-type boiler, fuel is burnt in a firebox to produce hot combustion gases. The firebox is surrounded by a cooling jacket of water connected to the long, cylindrical boiler shell.

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