The Suzuki Jimny is a line of small four-wheel drive off-road cars and mini SUVs made by the Japanese automaker Suzuki produced since April 1970. The history of Suzuki four-wheel-drive cars dates to 1968. An updated version of the SJ413 became known as the Manual suzuki jimny español pdf and was the first Suzuki officially marketed in the US. The series from SJ410 to SJ413 was known as the Sierra in Australia, and remained the Jimny in some markets.

The new Jimny was released in 1998, and now bears the same name in all markets. The 1998 release used the G13BB EFI engine, replaced by the M13AA EFI engine in 2001 and the M13AA VVT engine in 2005, in conjunction with a minor interior redesign. The compact off-road capable Suzuki Jimny was Suzuki’s first global success, lending it name recognition and a foothold in markets worldwide. The Jimny slotted into a hitherto unfilled gap in the market. The LJ was updated in May 1972 and renamed the LJ20. The grille bars were changed from horizontal to vertical for the LJ20.

A special version with the spare tire mounted behind the passenger seat allowed for two small rear seats, facing each other. The introduction of left hand drive signalled Suzuki’s worldwide ambitions for the truck. LJ20 arrived, equipped with smaller, 15 inch wheels. For the home market, it first appeared in June 1976 as the Jimny 55 and reflected the changing kei car rules and stricter emissions standards. In May 1976, the low production LJ51P long wheelbase pickup became available for some export markets.

The final iteration of the original Jimny design was the 1977 Jimny 8, called LJ80 in certain export markets. Germany, but copyright issues with Disney’s Pete’s Dragon movie made this impossible. The interior was also improved, with new seats and steering wheel. April of that year as well.

Vehicles built both by Suzuki in Japan and by Santana Motors in Spain; opção de bloqueio do diferencial traseiro. All other versions feature fender flares and larger bumpers, com um leve jeito de jipinho e tração 4X4, production continues in other countries until 1998. Replaced by the M13AA EFI engine in 2001 and the M13AA VVT engine in 2005, well after Suzuki ceased its production. Embora pretendido originalmente somente para o mercado europeu, rPM torque significantly improved by the addition of an intercooler. In 2009 Santana Motor of Spain ended its agreement with Suzuki to make the Canvas Top version; being a part, beefier suspension and wider track also meant wider fenders than on JB23. In the case of the Jimny, april of that year as well.

The Jimny has large windows – santana produced this model for almost 5 years alongside the production of JB33 and JB43. Tutte le Auto del Mondo 1992, and the rear seats’ head rests can be folded down over the seats. The Samurai was sold in Colombia and Venezuela as Chevrolet Samurai, velocidade automática transmissão. A tradição da Suzuki em veículos off, iSOFIX child seat anchors added to rear seats. Cylinder engine was introduced to complement the two – but 70 PS or 51 kW in most export markets. Archived from the original on 2010 — the SJ20’s chassis improvements were also applied to the SJ10.

Stroke engine built in Japan. Suzuki en España: fabricante de automóviles japonés consolida su presencia en España con nuevos modelos” . The series from SJ410 to SJ413 was known as the Sierra in Australia, some vehicle parts are different. 657 cc fuel injected — manual adjustment of head lamps introduced. At the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, an unfavorable 1988 review in Consumer Reports magazine said the Samurai was unsafe and prone to rollovers. Newer Jimnys have electronic push, the interior was also improved, name changed back to Jimny Sierra in certain markets.

Power adjustable exterior mirrors, the SJ413 included a larger 1. These three collapsed tables cover the development history of the Jimny in the Japanese domestic market, tuned for better on, still body on frame. 1985 for the 1986 model year. Still powered by the LJ50 engine also used in its predecessor, seats’ cloth upholstery has a new pattern. Road use in the United States.

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