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Transaction number from the Paypal receipt which will be sent to you within seconds of making your purchase. Make up your Collection – Don’t Miss a Single Jewel of Wisdom. OEXP078 HEX-DOTS FOR PSYCHIC PROTECTION. How did The Priests of Hellipolis Invoke the Solar Deity?

How can I learn How to Astrally Project? What’s involved in a Consecration Ceremony and what does it mean? How can I become conscious whilst dreaming and direct my dreams? How can I charge amulets and put magical force into objects? Is there a standard method of creating powerful rituals? If I curse someone will Karma make me pay for it? What is the Buddhist Death Meditation?

What’s the best book for a beginner to use for candle spells? Is it possible to heal other people without them being present? How can I change my run of bad luck? How can I meet and see fairies and other nature spirits? What does Rising on The Planes mean? Where does occult energy come from?

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