Stáv is living the martial way pdf Nordic style of martial arts based upon runic postures, using the 16 runes of the Younger Futhark Each of the runes can be found within the Stáv symbol above. European system which is designed to improve the mind body and spirit.

It has been maintained and developed for over 44 generations by the Norwegian Hafskjold family. Although based on an ancient philosophy, Stáv is a dynamic and evolving system that can be adapted to meet the requirements of the individual in today’s world. The principles have now been made available to a wider audience in order to preserve and enhance the system for future generations”. Stáv has been interesting and no doubt for some people confusing, so here goes with an attempt to explain things – I trust Ivar will correct any errors I may make here. Hosling, have practiced a martial art for as long as anyone can remember. This martial art centers around the use of the staff – in Norwegian, the “Stáv”. This martial art has, for want of a better term, always been referred to as simply “Stáv” within the family.

However, as most of you will be aware, there is rather more to the Hafskjold’s martial art than just weapons play. Simply, a “Stáv” is thus another way of saying “rune” and to practice Stáv is also to use the runes. However, the Hafskjold tradition is somewhat wider than just a martial art, or for that matter the use of runes. When Ivar first began to teach outside his family he referred to the tradition he was teaching as “Stáv”.

Initially he basically taught weapons work, concentrating at first on the staff, as well as the use of the runic postures. To those of us that expressed our interests in such things he also passed on his knowledge of seid and various other activities. Northern Tradition” or “Asatru” or “Nordic Pagan Philosophy” etc. In a sense, it is accurate to say that Stáv is both the term always used by the Hafskjold family and also that it is a modern invention – the point being that what has altered is the meaning behind the term not the term itself.

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