He is traditionally considered the founder of hatha yoga as well as the author of some of its earliest texts. Little is known about the life of Matsyendra and legends vary in describing his birthplace and his son is Minanatha and he is also associated with Lui-Pa, all of whose names translate as ‘Lord of the Fishes’. Legends tell that Matsyendra was born under an inauspicious star. This warranted his parents light on life bks iyengar pdf throw the baby into the ocean.

It is here that the baby was swallowed by a fish where he lived for many years. The fish swam to the bottom of the ocean where Shiva was imparting the secrets of yoga to his consort, Parvati. Another legend says that, when Gorakshanath visited Patan, he captured all the rain-showering serpents of Patan and started to meditate after he was disappointed by the locals as they did not grant him any alms on his request. As a result, Patan faced drought for a long time. The king of Patan, on the advice of his advisers, invited Matsyendranath, Gorakshanath’s guru, to Patan. Yet another legend says, the Virya or Sperm of Brahma is responsible for birth of various saints and prophets on earth. The Brahma Virya is unlike human beings.

It was said to fertilise any living form and carried within it the utmost principles and moral values. Matsyendrasamhita and “Akula-Viratantra”, some of the earliest texts on hatha yoga in Sanskrit in the eleventh century. Matsyendranath is typically listed as having eight disciples. Hindus regard him as an incarnation of Shiva while Buddhists regard him as an incarnation of Avalokiteśvara. The temple of Macchindranāth lies in the southern part of the Patan Durbar Square since 1673. Macchindranath temple in Patan, also known as the Rato Macchindranath Temple, is one of the oldest Matsyendranath temples, dating back from the 16th century. It lies in the southern part of the Patan Durbar Square.

Macchindranath temple in Kathmandu in another important Macchindranath temple in Nepal. The most important event connected with the deity is the annual chariot procession known as Bunga Dyah Jatra or Rato Macchindranath Jatra. Each year, the locals of Patan, Lalitpur celebrate the festival in order to show respect to the rain god. It is celebrated just before the monsoon season starts so that the city will get plenty rainfall for good growth of crops. During the procession, the image of Bunga Dyah is placed on a tall chariot about 65 feet high and pulled in stages through the streets of Patan for a month. Before the chariot festival starts the ritual of Mahasnana is conducted in an auspicious hour as indicated by the astrologers about 15 days before the chariot festival. The deity is taken to a platform at Lagankhel which is about 200 meters away from the temple of Machindranath at Ta: bahal Lalitpur.

After the mahasnana, the repairs are done to the idol of the deity if required and the new face is painted. Bara tyegu as done to a human and at the end Dashakarma vidhi is performed. While these all are going to the temple premises, the chariot or ratha is made at Pulchowk by the Barahi and Yawal clans, amongst which one only does the rope work and other only the woodwork. The route of the chariot procession starts at Pulchwok and passes through Gabahal, Sundhara, Lagankhel and ends at Jawalakhel. Previously the festival was called the festival of three states viz.

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