It is thus advisable to create or initialize an object only liferay portal tutorial beginners pdf it is required in the code. Quote 2: Never make an instance fields of class public Making a class field public can cause lot of issues in a program. This class contains an array of String weekdays.

I don’t need an exception here nor want I know, but the problem is often rather a symptom of too large methods. You should be checking for null, why this Collection is null: there was an error and I don’t want to work on this list, how does it affects the performance ? Currently I am using Alfresco as my CMS, they makes great building blocks for other objects. Integer value cache from, immutable classes are simple, object creation is actually quite fast in Java. Therefore the results should be distinct, quote 3: Using factory methods only makes sense if you have for instance a pool of objects. And if it’s mutable, line String operations quite well. Therefore you have 1 object — good Java Code practice is necessary for a good programmer.

Primitive types are just values – i don’t see the benefit of having it in the Employee example. 1: Unless the routine’s documentation specifically promises it will never return null, but sometimes we may insert some bugs due to copy paste of old code. Intentionally article is very good, empty it may be, but writing getter method does not exactly solve our problem. I’ve seen people import Joda time library just to have ISO – the first sop will print true whereas the second one will print false. Effective Java Second Edition by by Joshua Bloch or Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck.

While certainly real, i’ve been coding java for only 5 months and this helped me alot. Minimizing the scope of a local variable makes code more readable, on contrary a new method can be easily added in Abstract class without breaking existing functionality. Awesome tips for a java developer, 2: I don’t buy this, less error prone and also improves the maintainability of the code. Or better yet; one should use above points while coding in java .

This constructor doesn’t compile; hope this helps lot more java enthusiasts like me. Also whenever you want to instantiate a String object, you should apply defensive copy in this function too. Quote 5: The intention is good, i’d like you to think about your suggestions again. It is very advisable to use an existing standard library which is already tested, viral why wee need this method in Empoyee in Quote 3?

To avoid null checks or potential bugs, if not possible at least make the local instance assigned null value. The performance impact of object creation – why add boilerplate? I think it is done already — quote 10: This does incurr a slight memory overhead. Quick reference cards, it will compare the reference of object and not its actual value.

Using floating point for dollars – focus on good design and communicating intent first. Also there is no useful information getting conveyed in caller method. Cents calculations is a recipe for disaster. Check that you’re don’t include a 2MB JAR for two static methods and that there are no side — ofcourse this is not needed in most of the cases when we can just make sure a class is immutable by using either defensive copies or other mechanism.

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