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Appendix cancer refers to a tumor occurrence in the appendix that comprises a large group of benign and malignant diseases. Most patients who are diagnosed underwent a surgery operation for acute appendicitis. It is also due to an abdominal mass detected during a CT scan for unrelated condition. Learning about the causes and symptoms of this cancer helps you figure out how to prevent it. The prognosis of people with this appendix cancer depends upon the size of the tumor in the appendix. If the tumor in the appendix is less than two centimeters, there is a low possibility for the tumor to spread.

Any patients in this case can have an excellent five-year survival rate. For those who have longer than 2. 5 centimeters need more aggressive treatment. Thus, a lower survival rate would be concluded on this case. Stage 4 appendix cancer survival rate is also very low because of its critical condition.

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