This article is about sets of letters used in written languages. Thus the Phoenician alphabet is considered to be the first alphabet. Many languages use modified forms of the Latin alphabet, with learn malayalam alphabets pdf letters formed using diacritical marks.

Alphabets are usually associated with a standard ordering of letters. Knowing one’s ABCs”, in general, can be used as a metaphor for knowing the basics about anything. 15th century BC, apparently left by Canaanite workers. In 1999, John and Deborah Darnell discovered an even earlier version of this first alphabet at Wadi el-Hol dated to circa 1800 BC and showing evidence of having been adapted from specific forms of Egyptian hieroglyphs that could be dated to circa 2000 BC, strongly suggesting that the first alphabet had been developed about that time.

Based on letter appearances and names, it is believed to be based on Egyptian hieroglyphs. This script had no characters representing vowels, although originally it probably was a syllabary, but unneeded symbols were discarded. This script was not used after the destruction of Ugarit. This script is the parent script of all western alphabets.

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These letters have a dual function since they are also used as pure consonants. Another advantage of Phoenician was that it could be used to write down many different languages, since it recorded words phonemically. The script was spread by the Phoenicians across the Mediterranean. In Greece, the script was modified to add the vowels, giving rise to the ancestor of all alphabets in the West. The vowels have independent letter forms separate from the consonants, therefore it was the first true alphabet.

The Greeks chose letters representing sounds that did not exist in Greek to represent the vowels. Greeks from the 16th century BC had 87 symbols including 5 vowels. In its early years, there were many variants of the Greek alphabet, a situation that caused many different alphabets to evolve from it. Europe as the Romans expanded their empire. Even after the fall of the Roman state, the alphabet survived in intellectual and religious works. The Runic alphabets were used for Germanic languages from AD 100 to the late Middle Ages.

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