Fortunately the severe flood warning proved to be unjustified, though no doubt the Environment Agency felt it was necessary at the time they issued it. Historically Polperro was vulnerable to flash flooding and there were serious incidents in 1976 and 1993 similar kevin roose young money pdf both cause and nature to the disastrous flood which wreaked havoc on Boscastle just a few years ago. River Pol in a tunnel which was bored through the cliff and discharges it directly into the sea.

Residents and businesses in Polperro, fed up with their properties being damaged by vans and large vehicles trying to navigate the narrow lanes have issued some friendly advice to delivery vehicle drivers. Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Councillor for West Looe and Lansallos, was approached by local people to see if she could help overcome the problem. Polperro, and some were even quite aggressive. Thanks to Cllr Hannaford producing a new information leaflet and signage, we hope our properties can be spared additional damage. The side of my house has been scraped and bashed several times this year already. Although the perpetrators have paid for the damage, it is very annoying and of course the companies must be getting fed up with all the damage to their delivery vehicles. One van was stuck for 14 hrs, another burnt out his clutch and all had to be towed out by a tractor.

In the summer only vehicles delivering or needing access to properties are allowed into the village because of the very narrow streets and sharp bends – the result is a largely traffic free environment much enjoyed by the thousands who visit – and park at the large car park at the entrance to the village. Edwina’s campaign involves distributing a new flyer to supermarket companies and delivery firms to give to their drivers and urges them to use the special off-loading area by the bus stop in the village centre and not to attempt to reach their delivery address in their van or lorry. Copies of the new flyer will also be available to residents to give to delivery drivers – click here to see the new flyer. Will new car park charges negate efforts to increase visitor numbers? Faced with cuts in government funding, Cornwall Council has increased car parking charges at its car parks across Cornwall.

The large car park at the entrance to the village of Polperro, which is the only significant car park in the village, is not owned by the Council, it is a private sector car park. Tony White, chairman of the PPG and generally wise guy about Polperro, has bent my ear to good effect and has persuaded me that my initial reaction was both hasty and ill-informed. He pointed out that the new charges apply only to day visitors and that the weekly and long term parking rates and garage rentals and coach parking rates are not affected. I feel this is a rather unfair attack on the carpark owner. One establishment charges as much for a slice of cake as some places charge for a lunch! Needless to say we decided not to bother and went elsewhere but there was definately quite a few more visitors that went to the machine looked at the prices then drove on! Adrian Simpson, Bawtry – 6 April 2012.

This is not a good move and just an excuse to make more money. 4 for a quick visit it would certainly put me off coming if I was visiting several destinations . 20 a day to park at 5 locations at that price. Come on, be fair and have a shorter stay tariff for people who only have a limited time to visit. I have just been reading about people’s views concerning the charge for parking at Polperro.

My family and I were very saddened indeed to see this minimum charge yesterday evening, when we decided to travel from our holiday base in Looe to have an evening stroll, arriving about 7pm. I have a disability and always do my best to keep moving but there is no way I can walk for 3 hours. 3 young children so on this occasion there was no way we would be spending 3 hours there! We had come along looking forward to perhaps an hour spent wandering around, looking at the sites, perhaps buying an ice cream if there was a parlour open.

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