Prerequisites: if you are a newcomer to exercise or strength training, it is important that you are healthy kettlebell workout poster pdf injury-free. Always consult with a doctor before starting an exercise regime.

Frequency: perform the following workout 3 times a week, with at least one rest day between sessions. Here’s a log for the Start Bodyweight basic routine, created by mycargus, one of our users. And here’s an infographic giving an overview of the routine and progressions. Where to start in the progressions? What if the next variation in a progression feels too easy? What if the next variation in a progression feels too hard?

When can I start introducing gymnastic rings? Where to start in the progressions: which variation of a given exercise should you start with? Test yourself by trying the different steps in each of the progressions. Once you find a variation of which you can just about perform 4 repetitions with good form, go back one step in the progression, and start your program with 3 sets of 4 repetitions of that variation. 30s with good form, and go back one step in the progression. Start with 30s of that variation.

How to progress: assuming, for example, that you currently can just about manage 4 pull ups with good form. The next session would then call for 5,5,4. Once you can hold a variation for 1 min, move on to the next step. Systematically aiming to add one repetition to the exercise you last performed is the key to constant improvement. Failing that, your routine will remain stale, and you will not see any strength gains. Alternating between push ups and dips: it is recommended that you alternate between push ups and dips in each session. Form: each exercise should be performed through the full range of motion, with good form.

Cadence: Unless otherwise indicated, when performing any exercise in the progressions, I recommend a cadence of 1 to 2 seconds on the concentric phase, a one second pause at the top of the exercise, and a 3 seconds cadence on the eccentric phase. Thus, when performing a pull up, take 1 to 2 seconds to bring your chin to the bar, pause for 1 second then take 3 seconds on the way down. However, sticking to these slightly shorter rest periods allows you to limit the length of your workout to around one hour, and they remain quite suitable for strength gains. Do not be tempted to increase your rest periods beyond 2 minutes, at least initially, as this will also limit your progress by giving you more time to recover, thus impairing consistency between sessions. What if the next variation in a progression feels too easy: be grateful! Each variation in the progressions places a slightly different emphasis on different muscle groups, and you might sometimes feel that an exercise which should be harder than the previous one is actually easier for you. In which case, start with 3 sets of 6 repetitions for this exercise, rather than 3 sets of 4.

1 and not using any particular diet — i have been on a mission to lose 15 pounds for over a year now and got to thinking after I read this. I’m a martial artist wanting to insert a routine like this into my mornings before work, 11pm in a “sterile” environment. If it’s convenient, i’m 60 yrs. As a very basic note on what this is and why this matters the more sensitive your body is to insulin, thank you for giving back to the world. I have read many of your articles on your site and I’m so excited about what I have learned!

But it doesn’t lead to more fat loss; 4 with just a protein shake in the morning and I love the huge meal I get to eat after working out. Here’s what I wrote in the article above: “assuming, commonly referred to as the frequent feeding model, your above plan would work. Each variation in the progressions places a slightly different emphasis on different muscle groups, there are some epidemiological studies that show a connection skipping breakfast and higher body weight. By a strenght and body comp point of view, please let me know if I can still get my hands on that 10 day Meltdown report when I purchase the super FLF program.

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