The following is a list of characters in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, including those mentioned by name only. Tang Sanzang’s steed and the third son of the Dragon Journey to the emerald city pdf of the West Sea.

In a later chapter, the White Dragon Horse transforms into a young woman and attempts to save Tang Sanzang when the latter is captured by the Yellow Robe Demon but fails. He escapes to inform Zhu Bajie, who, in turn, brings back Sun Wukong to save Tang Sanzang. Sun Wukong left to learn magic from Subhuti. He chases away the primates and occupies the cave with his minions. Many years later, Sun Wukong returns, defeats the demon king and takes back the cave. Tang Sanzang encounters on his journey. Their true forms are a tiger, a bear and a wild bull respectively.

The escorts are killed and eaten by the demons. His true form is a black bear but he appears as a dark-complexioned man armed with a Black Tassel Spear. He steals Tang Sanzang’s cassock during a fire. Sun Wukong goes to confront him later to take back the cassock but fails so he seeks help from Guanyin.

The Black Wind Demon eventually surrenders to Guanyin and becomes a mountain guardian deity. The three are having a conversation when Sun Wukong shows up. The scholar is killed by Sun Wukong and is revealed to be actually a white floral patterned snake, while the other two escape. Lingxuzi was preparing magical pills as gifts for Black Wind Demon when he encounters Sun Wukong again, who recognises him and kills him. Lingxuzi is actually a gray wolf in disguise as a Taoist. He is capable of blowing samadhi wind. He captures Tang Sanzang and wants to eat him.

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