A young Chechen ex-prisoner arrives illegally in Germany, practically uneducated and destitute, but with a claim to a fortune held in a private bank. John le carre a delicate truth pdf novel provides an extended, if oblique, critique of the American policy under President George W. A young Turkish boxing champion in Hamburg notices he is being shadowed by a tall gaunt young man in a black coat, who turns up on his doorstep and demands hospitality. Somewhat suspiciously, they allow Issa to stay in the attic as he announces his desire to become a doctor.

He contacts a human rights organisation whose attractive young bike-riding lawyer, Annabel Richter, takes his case to a British bank in the city. Brue receives visits from British intelligence who tell him that they had set up the bank accounts, which received payoffs and money from mafia sources. They ask him to alert them when Issa shows up. A German intelligence agent, Bachmann, who visits Annabel, is homing in on a suspicious Islamist terrorist with Chechen connections, arrested entering Sweden from Turkey in a container, who has escaped custody and found his way to Germany. They suggest to Annabel that Issa might be persuaded to give the money to an Islamic philanthropist called Abdullah who will give the money to charitable causes, which will include his medical training.

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The intelligence services are trying to link Abdullah to funding terrorism. Issa remains in Annabel’s apartment whilst she tries to persuade him. Meanwhile, the British agents get a promise of co-operation from Brue ahead of a meeting of the intelligence services. The case against Signpost, as Abdullah is referred to, is discussed. On the appointed day, Annabel and Issa meet Brue at the bank and Issa produces the key to the safe deposit box which contains the crucial documents. They complete the handover and Abdullah arrives to receive the money which is transmitted directly to the organisations involved, including the suspect transport company. The spies who have bugged the scene have all the evidence they need and as the group leaves, Bachmann approaches them disguised as a taxi-driver to apprehend Abdullah.

A nine-minute short film detailing the themes of the book was released on 22 July 2008, produced by Simon Channing-Williams, producer of the film version of Le Carré’s 19th novel, The Constant Gardener. A feature film adaptation was announced in June 2011 in Germany, with Anton Corbijn as director. Australian screenwriter Andrew Bovell adapted the novel for the screen. A Most Wanted Man by John le Carré: exclusive film”. Meza, Ed, “Corbijn set for ‘Most Wanted Man'”, Variety, 19 June 2011, 2:03 pm PT. Roxborough, Scott, “‘The American’ Helmer Anton Corbijn to Direct John Le Carré Adaptation ‘A Most Wanted Man'”, The Hollywood Reporter, 19 June, 2011 5:33 am.

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