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Jhpiego provides the global health community with information, expertise and opportunities to support high quality health systems in limited-resource settings. If you are a member, log in to gain full access to site capabilities, as well as individualized updates. Trainee nurses attend a training session in the maternity of Dixcove Hospital, Dixcove, Takradi, Ghana. Health providers in Cote d’Ivoire attend training on a single visit approach to Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

Counselors check on a mother and son as part of a follow-up visit in a community. Trainer demonstrates a technique during Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation training in Mozambique. Health workers attend training on Provider-Initiated Testing and Counseling in Mozambique. Njombe along Lake Nyasa in Malawi. PPIUCD  is an effective method of family planning .

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Candidates who hold no law enforcement certification and require sponsorship for the police academy. Must be seated in a State of FL police academy at the time of testing. Then, go to Background Forms and thoroughly complete the Background Data Packet, Background Waiver, and Physician Recommendation forms. Background forms mailed after the pending postmarked date will not be accepted.

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