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We Want Your Fabulously Frugal Freezer Recipes by Mrs. As I shared a few weeks ago, Mr. Many a new parent has regaled us with tales of struggling to feed selves and baby during the disorienting early months post-birth, and with the arrival of our first child fast approaching, we’re aiming to be prepared. FW plans to devote himself to the loving labor of cooking meals to freeze for us over the next 10 weeks before Babywoods’ birth. But this is an entirely new culinary venture for him!

Heretofore we’ve fallen exclusively into the camp of readying foods on a weekly basis and then gobbling them all up without resorting to freezing. Who better to ask about homemade frugal frozen foods than our fabulous Frugalwoods readers? You all are chief frugality experts and many of you already shared fantastic recipe ideas and freezer tips in response to my freezer acquisition post. FW and I adhere to an eating style that serves the dual masters of healthy and thrifty.

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Hence, we’re on a quest for concoctions that are nutritious and cheap. However, some meat is a good thing—especially since as a breastfeeding mama I’ll require extra calories and protein—but we’re not steak-every-night folks. Additionally, we’d like to whip up a few recipes that are soy-free and dairy-free, just in case Babywoods turns out to have an intolerance to either. Other than these caveats, we’re rather adventurous eaters.

Unique flavors, spices, and combinations are always met with high praise in our kitchen. While we adore frugal recipes in general, we are specifically in need of your tried-and-true meals that freeze well and taste delectable after spending a few weeks in the deep freeze. We don’t have much experience with freezing our cooking, so let us know what remains flavorful and what descends into mushy morass. Since we’re a zero food waste family, creating clever strategies for ensuring our new freezer meals don’t meet a trashy demise is paramount. I’d love to know what systems you fellow chest freezer folks employ to track, record, and consume your homemade frozen delicacies in an efficient manner. Let me know what works for you! Plus, how do you package and store your meals to stave off the dreaded freezer burn and other deleterious maladies?

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