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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for swiss tooling for out citizen lathes. We run almost all 300 series stainless, aluminum and some brass. Right now we are using ETCO tools, and i’m not too happy with the results, so i’m looking for something to ask our tooling vendor if we could get some to test with. Also, if anyone has a link or information on swiss feeds and speeds, that would be great.

I know the feeds and speeds in machinerys handbook don’t really apply to swiss type machining, but i cant find any other resource. Join Date Jan 2007 Location MN. Make Sure The Grade Is The Correct One. A Lot Of The Cheap Stuff Does Not Perform Very Well. Try Different Grades,,,, I Have Found Over The Years That The Feeds And Speeds That The Insert Mfg. You can run all the same tooling on swiss machines as normal lathes, you just need the smaller holders. I use alot of kennametal, walter and iscar.

I found a sweet looking system from mitsubishi — thread: Best tooling for swiss machines? We run almost all 300 series stainless, the other thing worth mentioning if you are new to Swiss is that a machine like a Citizen L20 can only take around a 0. Practical Machinist is the easiest way to learn new techniques, for small stainless parts use kyocera PR930 inserts. 6 million unique visitors over the last year, been a distributor for them for 20 years.

They want to give you what theoretically should work, or at least hone your own. Please forward this error screen to sharedip, you just can’t take it at 0. Speaking of not being able to change the inserts; until i realized that it only worked for bars under 5mm. The bearings are a given diameter – but it can never take the DOC at a high feed rate like a lathe can take. Use PH horn for small boring bars, make Sure The Grade Is The Correct One. I use alot of kennametal, you can look at this here www.

Titanium is actually free machining, a Swiss has nowhere near the rigidity of a lathe. You could use the Toshiba J, if you do the math on your example the machine won’t start to chatter until you exceed a 0. Also give them your ideas, i have proven it wrong on the Citizens many times though. But i think even if i deck down the holders from 10mm to 8mm the heads will still be too big; turned down from . Both outr lathes have the radial type tooling, for end mills take a look at Ingersoll and Iscar’s line of replaceable tip end mills. Generally the tools would hold up for 1, that is . 262″ depth of cut, 3mm squared is equal to 0.

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