The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. The reason given is: it cannot stand as an approachable summary of the overall article as its second paragraph is understandable only to a introduction to computational chemistry frank jensen pdf subset of specialists. Ab initio quantum chemistry methods are computational chemistry methods based on quantum chemistry. Ab initio electronic structure methods have the advantage that they can be made to converge to the exact solution, when all approximations are sufficiently small in magnitude and when the finite set of basis functions tends toward the limit of a complete set.

One needs to consider the computational cost of ab initio methods when determining whether they are appropriate for the problem at hand. When compared to much less accurate approaches, such as molecular mechanics, ab initio methods often take larger amounts of computer time, memory, and disk space, though, with modern advances in computer science and technology such considerations are becoming less of an issue. The problem of computational expense can be alleviated through simplification schemes. In the density fitting scheme, the four-index integrals used to describe the interaction between electron pairs are reduced to simpler two- or three-index integrals, by treating the charge densities they contain in a simplified way. Coulombic electron-electron repulsion is not specifically taken into account. A series of ab initio studies of Si2H2 is an example of how ab initio computational chemistry can predict new structures that are subsequently confirmed by experiment. These methods work with an explicitly correlated wave function and evaluate integrals numerically using a Monte Carlo integration.

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