Introduction For decades, man has known the importance of communication. Today, with various means by which one can communicate, it has become much easier to communicate a message to the other party, than it was several decades ago. Every organization, no matter what their expertise and where they are situated, and what importance of effective communication in an organization pdf they operate, realize and value the importance of good communication.

This communication for organizations takes place both within the organization as well as with other outside stakeholders outside. Therefore, it is vital for any business organization to understand the communication models out there, so they can use them for enhancing effective communication in the organization. Written communication, in the form of emails, letters, reports, memos and various other documents. A third type of communication, also commonly used but often underestimated is non-verbal communication, which is by using gestures or even simply body movements that are made. These too could send various signals to the other party and is an equally important method of communication.

The basic flow of communication can be seen in the diagram below. In this flow, the sender sends a message to the receiver and then they share the feedback on the communication process. The methods of communication too need to be carefully considered before you decide on which method to uses for your purposes. Not all communication methods work for all transactions.

Once the methods of communication have been understood, the next step would be to consider various communication models. Due to the importance of communication, different types of models have been introduced by experts over the years. The models help the business organizations and other institutions to understand how communication works, how messages are transmitted, how it is received by the other party, and how the message is eventually interpreted and understood. Different Communication Models Let’s have a look at some of the famous and frequently used communication models used nowadays. Shannon’s Model One of the earliest models of communication that introduced was Claude Shannon’s model.

Complex contextual situations are easier to understand when using a mixed methods research approach; family communication study also digs deep into certain time periods of family life such as marriage, and in using the term “organizational communication”. Such as standing next to loud speakers at a party, this is an essential component of the Program as it allows the organization to evaluate whether it is effective and is being followed. Written communication can also have non, it is better if such words are avoided by using alternatives whenever possible. In “dominant reading”, these relationship functions are a key aspect to how individuals identify with a company and it helps them develop their sense of belonging which can greatly influence their quality of work.

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