964 0 0 0 imperial armour 2 second edition pdf 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The Demolisher, the Vanquisher, even the mighty Deathstrike Missile Launcher pale in comparison to the sheer firepower of trillions of lasguns unleashing hell in unison.

The Lasgun, also sometimes referred to as a Lasrifle, is a directed-energy antipersonnel weapon used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man, and it is the most common and widely-used type of laser weapon in the galaxy. The Lasgun uses the same basic technology and operates along the same lines as other laser weapons, emitting a beam of highly-energetic, focused, coherent photons. The high amount of energy carried by the photons of the beam causes the immediate surface area of a target to be vaporised in a small explosion. The standard Lasgun pattern used by the Imperial Guard is known as the M35 “M-Galaxy” Pattern, first put into use in 2546. M35, although thousands of variant models, marks and patterns exist.

The Cadian Shock Troops, for example, commonly bear the M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasrifle, originally manufactured on Kantrael as the name suggests, which is a weapon known for its sheer robustness. The Lasgun and Laspistol are weapons generally meant for dealing with lightly armoured infantry, and thus lack the brute power of more advanced weapons from the Imperium’s arsenal, like Bolters or Plasma Guns. This has led the weapon to be scorned by some of the Imperial Guard’s soldiers and officers as “flashlights. But the Lasgun excels at massed volley fire. A hail of las-shots from dozens, if not hundreds of Lasgun barrels can stop the charge of hordes of lightly-armoured opponents like Chaos Cultists or Ork Boyz dead in their tracks.

Despite its lack of damage output, the Lasgun remains a favoured weapon of Imperial soldiers, for it has many redeeming qualities. Accatran Pattern Mark IV Lasgun – Often employed by Elysian Drop Troop regiments and Drop Troops regiments drawn from other worlds, the Accatran Mark IV is a bullpup-style Lasgun with an integrated lamp pack. The lamp pack is powered by the same power cell that provides the Lasgun’s ammunition, but the power draw is so small as to be negligible. Accatran Pattern Mark IVe Lasgun – The Accatran Pattern Mark IVe Lasgun is a heavier variant of the standard Accatran Mark IV preferred by the regiments of the Elysian Drop Troops.

Bullpup Pattern – Imperial Guard units focused towards aerial or vehicular deployment often utilise Lasgun variants that are designed to increase portability and minimise size. While many employ Las Carbines, other such units are unwilling to sacrifice the standard Lasgun’s effective range. The bullpup design counters this by extending the barrel into the weapon’s stock, as well as mounting the power pack within the base of the stock behind the grip. Drusus Prime Pattern Lasgun – Made in large numbers for Calixis PDF use, the Drusus Prime is in fact a local copy of the ubiquitous Ryza-M pattern lasgun made by numerous forges and manufactorums.

All weapons of this type made in the Calixis Sector are named in honour of the warrior saint and bear a crude stamp of his profile on their casing. Fractrix Pattern Assault Laser – The Fractrix Pattern Assault Laser is produced by the Forge World of Fractrix. Though it is capable of firing five shots per solar second it uses twin power packs that allow for only fifteen solar seconds of continuous fire. Hellgun – Sometimes known as Hellguns, “Hot-Shot” weapons are almost exclusively used by high-ranking Imperial officers and elite forces who favour the higher power provided by these weapons over standard-issue las weapons.

Integrated Lathe-Lasrifle – Part weapon system and part bionic replacement, these integrated weapons give the Adeptus Mechanicus guardians of the Lathe Worlds in the Calixis Sector a clear advantage over most conventional forces. Kalibrax V-1 Pattern Lasrifle – The Kalibrax V-1 Pattern Lasrifle was the standard armament of the Imperial Army’s Solar Auxilia regiments during the Great Crusade. Lascarbine – The Lascarbine is a lighter, shorter barreled version of the Lasgun that is easier to carry and aim. It is more convenient to fire from one hand, and often will possess a folding stock. But in exchange, a Lascarbine possesses fewer shots and a shorter range than a full-barreled Lasgun. Lathe-Lasrifle – Originally derived from an ancient archeotech design, the integrated Lathe-Lasrifle packs a greater punch than regular Lasguns.

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