The VOICE of northeast Montana! Welcome to our local news page! We have 3 ice manual of bridge engineering pdf newscasts daily on each station. The National Weather Service is projecting that flooding is almost imminent for the Milk River at Glasgow.

The NWS is projecting that flooding will begin the first week of April and continue through the entire month due the immense amount of snowpack in the Milk River Basin. This matches the level of the record June 2011 flood. Highway 24Fort Peck Highway will begin to flood a quarter mile south of the Milk River Bridge. Highway 42 also known as Fort Peck Highway near Sullivan Park becomes completely submerged. Traffic barriers should be placed by law enforcement to restrict traffic.

This matches the stage level of the 1952 flood. Most roads in the lower Milk River Valley are flooded. Flooding will begin to affect buildings between the Fort Peck Highway and the Milk River east of Glasgow. Sullivan Park will be totally covered by flood waters.

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