This How To has instructions on how to tile a self-made pattern and upload into a PDF that can be downloaded by others. We’ve done this using Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat. If you don’t have it, try downloading the free thirty day trial available on the I love yous are for white pdf website, or a different program in your computer. Using either Photoshop or a pen, paper, and ruler, create a template of a tile this size.

Photoshop is easier because you can create a rectangle at the exact size and ensure that each square is the same size when you print it. For example, a bag will need about nine sheets. Look through other patterns to get an idea based of how many sheets you may need. We suggest folding in the margins as opposed to cutting them off as this will help ensure accuracy when scanning each full page later. Arrange your pattern pieces over the tiles in a way that minimizes the amount of paper needed when re-printing.

Be sure to mark it as the test square and what measurements it should be. Trace off your patterns using a spiked-tracing wheel. Mark the actual sewing line if your hand-made patterns already have seam allowance added, and then when you are finished add the seam allowance to the tiles. Finish all pieces with necessary seam allowances, using tools like the oh-so-handy clear, plastic ruler and the french curve.

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Be sure to mark the grainline, and any where the piece is to be cut on the fold. Mark whether or not the Seam Allowance is included, and what the seam allowance is. Mark how many of this piece is to be cut. If you have given the piece a number, mark that.

Disassemble the pattern, keeping the pages in an order that you can understand- like bottom row-left to right, second row- left to right, etc. Letter size or A4 in CMYK Color. To make sure the tile was scanned straight, drag guidelines by clicking in the rulers on the side, and align with tile sides. If it is not straight, Click Edit, Transform, and Rotate and rotate the tile until it is straight. If prompted with a “some areas will be clipped. Check measurements of the test square and the tile.

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