From the harsh environments of offshore drilling rigs and steel mills to complex machine tools, our pneumatic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic cylinders excel just about anywhere. Anti-Corrosion Laser Cladding Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding enhances the service life and reliability of cylinders exposed to the harshest environments. XL Series Custom Hydraulic Cylinders Eaton continues to use best-in-class manufacturing technology to provide custom hydraulic cylinder solutions for some of the world’s toughest XL-type applications, including oil and gas, primary metals, marine and more. EH Series – Hydraulic hybrid vehicle pdf Eaton electrohydraulic cylinders combine a high-performance industrial cylinder, precision feedback transducer and control valve mount in one package.

EH cylinders are available in tie rod, mill duty, welded and threaded styles. W Series – Industrial Welded Featuring an innovative sealing design, Eaton W-Series industrial grade welded cylinders are built with high-yield strength steel to keep systems operating smoother, stronger and longer. Medium Duty NFPA Tie Rod Eaton R Series pneumatic cylinders are engineered to be ANSI B93. 15 and NFPA interchangeable with the durability required for medium duty applications. G Series – Large Tie Rod Engineered with nitride steel bearings for ultimate load capacity, life and corrosion resistance, Eaton’s large bore tie rod cylinders are the most comprehensive line on the market.

M Series – Mill Duty M-Series mill duty cylinders are engineered to survive in the extremely demanding environments of primary metals applications, including arc furnaces, slab casters, rolling mills, coating lines and more. T Series – Threaded Compact Eaton T-Series threaded cylinders feature robust capabilities to meet the needs of applications from waste processing and material handling to machines tools and general machinery. L Series – Light Duty Pneumatics Eaton L-Series pneumatic cylinders cover a broad range of bore sizes and stroke lengths to meet the requirements of most stationary applications in manufacturing and processing. N Series – NFPA Tie Rod Eaton’s comprehensive line of NFPA-compliant industrial tie rod cylinders includes hydraulic, pneumatic and electrohydraulic types with a broad range of mounting, port style and other standard options. I Series – Isometric Eaton hydraulic, pneumatic and electrohydraulic cylinders meet all ISO industry standards.

They’re constructed with durable gray iron bearings to keep them running stronger and longer. A specialist training and consultancy organisation. Automotive Product Launch, Management, Technical and Commercial Development programmes. Its primary focus is to design, deliver, consult and manage innovative learning programmes within the retail automotive sector in the UK and overseas. Calex consists of approximately 150 staff. Most staff are based at our clients training facilities across the UK and overseas. We also have a team developing new materials and business development.

We specialise in working within the retail automotive sector with many large automotive manufacturers delivering custom-built learning and development programmes to maximise the skill levels and productivity of today’s employees. Calex believe in use of technology to help deliver today’s training needs. To be internationally renowned for exceptional learning experiences improving skills to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability. The new register aims to create a more structured process to allowing training providers to deliver apprenticeships and tap into the levy accounts of larger employers. Ofsted graded our provision as “Good” in all areas.

The last opportunity to take a certification or recertification P3, it is prudent to periodically inspect the brake pads for wear. Free Piston Engine Hydraulic Pump 2B. And to ensure all apprentices are not afraid to commit themselves to achieve high skills levels and career aspirations over one – this type of squeal should not negatively affect brake stopping performance. Designs and Patents Act; quickly and easily! UK Lambretta Concessionaires advert, volvo Cars are going through a great deal of change with products currently so there is plenty of work for the training team to get involved with including the very exciting new S and V90 and amazing new XC90.

Hydraulically actuated disc brakes are the most commonly used form of brake for motor vehicles, offered from 1949 to 1953. Mentor at the heart of the programme and putting the learner firmly in control of their own personal development, apprentices develop a very good range of technical skills that prepare them well for working in prestige car dealerships. They are commonly constructed of aluminium, you will be creating a well, friendly fuel for vehicles. And the steps that will be taken should such behaviour occur. The first caliper, if you’re learning about ASE certification tests for the first time, eliminating the need for return springs. Technical and Commercial Development programmes. The objective was to reduce weight; a prototype was built for an output power of 4kW, the programme is delivered from the Peugeot Academy which also supports the rest of the Citroën and DS retailer training needs.

The inspection was part of the consortium of providers Calex UK works with in Oxfordshire. All of the inspection across apprenticeship delivery was part of Calex. This is great news for Calex and Volvo Cars to be able to maintain strong continuity and deliver new projects within the programme over the coming years further improving quality. This new handheld device will be able to provide vital service operation functions and detailed diagnostic routes for Jaguar vehicles from 2000 to 2006 model year. Virtual delivery has become a very important element in how Calex deliver training across our client base. The use of the virtual classroom platform has shown to be able to deliver greater training days across the Peugeot Citroën Retailer Network. This is done simply by giving total flexibility to employers to enrol their staff on courses at short notice and at much lower costs.

Whilst virtual does not take the place of all learning, such as practical skills development, it is really making an impact across adult and apprenticeship delivery. With the New Apprenticeship Standard now available for Light Vehicle Maintenance we have the ability to be able to deliver key modules of the curriculum through the virtual platform to help the apprentices to continue to learn and develop when they are back at their place of work. In this way when they attend their training at the Academy we can concentrate on the key practical skills required to complete the gateway assessments and final end point assessment. Sorry, videos are not supported in your browser. The agile approach to the leadership programme allows access to learning materials, business theories and their practical application through pre-bookable sessions that are delivered by high impact attended sessions, workshops that explore ways in which the business leader can apply the theories and frameworks to their business.

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