House of seven gables book pdf article is about the American colonial house. The earliest section of the House of the Seven Gables was built in 1667 for Capt.

It remained in his family for three generations, descending from John Turner II to John Turner III. This portion now forms the middle of the house. A few years later, a kitchen lean-to and a new north kitchen ell to the rear of the house were added. Ceilings in this new wing are higher than the very low ceilings in older parts of the house.

In the first half of the 18th century, John Turner II remodeled the house in the new Georgian style, adding wood paneling and sash windows. These alterations are preserved, very early examples of Georgian decor. After John Turner III lost the family fortune, the house was acquired by the Ingersolls, who remodeled it again. Gables were removed, porches replaced, and Georgian trim added.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, a relative of the Ingersolls, was infamous for being reclusive during his time living in Salem, in part because Hawthorne himself exaggerated his reputation. He occasionally played whist, for example, with his sister Louisa, his second cousin Susannah Ingersoll, and Ingersoll’s adopted son Horace Connolly. Hawthorne wrote of the house as if it was a living thing. It is described as such in the novel: “The aspect of the venerable mansion has always affected me like a human countenance It was itself like a great human heart, with a life of its own, and full of rich and sombre reminisces. The deep projection of the section story gave the house a meditative look, that you could not pass it without the idea that it had secret to keep.

Horace Ingersoll, Susanna’s adopted son, told Hawthorne a story of Acadian lovers that later inspired Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1847 poem Evangeline. In 1908, the house was purchased by Caroline O. Emmerton, founder of the House of Seven Gables Settlement Association, and she restored it from 1908 to 1910 as a museum whose admission fees would support the association. She also added what looks like a wood closet but has a false back. When opened, the back leads to a secret staircase which leads up to the attic.

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