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The jailed founder of the Brothers 4 Life gang is accused of running his criminal operation from behind bars after he was caught with contraband for the third time. Bassam Hamzy, 38, allegedly lunged at and tried to assault a guard at Goulburn’s Supermax prison on August 31, the Daily Telegraph reports. Convicted killer Hamzy has been caught with phones and running his crime operation from inside the prison twice before. A phone, two SIM cards and several handmade weapons were allegedly found inside the ceiling of his cell in May. However, he was only charged last week after the results of forensic tests came back.

He has also been charged with assaulting a prison officer in a separate incident from earlier in 2017. Hamzy appeared in court on Wednesday on both charges, but the matters were adjourned until next year. In August, Hamzy appeared in court after suing jail authorities claiming abuse of power and discrimination. He alleged prison officers were interfering with his legal proceedings by seizing materials he needs to access.

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